Easiness by clarity

Experiencing human closeness despite physical distance

For most people, online meetings at work or with family have become a matter of course. But can we really have emotional conversations and resolve conflicts online? – Many are still sceptical. If you feel the same way, let’s discuss without obligation whether online mediation could help with your issue.

With many years of experience in online communication, I can support you with any kind of problem – also preventively! The sooner you and your discussion partners sit down together in case of an irritation, the quicker the matter is usually clarified – and you get back your power and capacity to act. You are the expert for your issues, I moderate the course of the conversation online as purposefully, impartially and empathically as in the physical room.

The structure and basic principles of online mediation are the same as those of → face-to-face mediation. It is also conceivable to conduct parts of the conversation in-person and other phases online.

Online Mediation: How does it work?

Preliminary discussion: Call me without obligation to discuss whether your case is suitable for online mediation. If YES, get your interlocutors on board.

Technology check (on request): approx. 15-minute meeting in the virtual room (a few days before the start of the mediation) to test the audio, video and connection quality and to get to know the functionality of the software.

Mediation sessions: I will guide you through the → 5 phases of mediation – the 1st session is free of charge. The number and duration of subsequent sessions depends on the nature of the issue, the number of people involved, the conflict history and the willingness to reach an agreement.

Final agreement: written documentation of the solutions you have worked out, which is signed jointly and is binding.

Advantages of Online Mediation

Bridging physical distance & sustainability

Save time, travel costs, resources and log on wherever you are

Easy scheduling & flexibility

Everyone has 1-2 hours – even with a busy schedule! Even short statements by experts (lawyers, experts, translators, etc.) are easily possible

Health & Safety

Participate from the comfort of your own home and in familiar surroundings in the event of health risks or restrictions

Feasibility & low inhibition threshold

If the physical meeting with the other party to the conflict is perceived as too stressful or if there is no personal relationship at all, it is often not worth the effort to travel to the meeting. Stay in your familiar surroundings!

Advantages of Online Mediation