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The implementation of online communication in companies, projects, teaching and training courses is highly topical. Having made positive experiences in the last two years, people will overthink in the future wether a physical encounter makes sense or wether the meeting, exchange or training should be conducted virtually.

However, it will not work to simply show presentations created for face-to-face events online. A methodological and didactical adaptation is required to make virtual events truly sustainable, positively remembered and effective.

Ask me for details

With many years in research and as a project manager in the field of live e-learning and blended learning,
I can offer you

  • conceptional advice for your e-learning or blended learning scenario
  • support in preparing and adjusting your content
  • recommendations regarding lively interaction and collaboration methods
  • coaching and feedback for your in-house moderators

Decision & concept support for…

Conference and congress organisers who would like to carry out an event online → ((co-)moderation if desired).

Educational institutions that would like to offer their trainings as blended or e-learnings in the future.

Ombudspersons in large companies who have an internal pool of mediators and a virtual classroom system inhouse, but do not have yet implemented online mediation in their conflict management system.

Conflict managers who want to convince management and stakeholders that online mediation makes sense.

Trainers, coaches and supervisors who would like to offer their services online.


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